Peter Faust Dam Fish Stocking Association

Who are the Faust Dam Fish Stocking Association?

Faust Dam Fish Stocking Assoc. is an association of recreational fishermen and other persons who are concerned about the depletion of fish stocks in the Whitsunday region, especially freshwater. Faust Dam Fish Stocking Assoc. is not a fishing club but an association committed to the enhancement of recreational fishing & operates in conjunction with similar stocking groups throughout Queensland.

Faust Dam Fish Stocking Association aims to:
Stock Lake Proserpine created by dam construction in 1990 and turn it into a viable recreational fishery in the Whitsunday region. Replenish fish stocks in depleted freshwater Dams in the Whitsunday region so the average angler can catch a fish in any given day of the year. Ensure recreational anglers have access to waters stocked with angling species in the Whitsunday region. To protect, preserve & enhance freshwater fisheries habitat in the Whitsunday region. To promote responsible recreational fishing & the wise use of the resources & to educate others to adopt the same attitude. Consult & liaise with all levels of governments & their departments on matters relating to fish stocks in the Whitsunday region.

Faust Dam Fish Stocking Assoc. funding comes from membership fees, donations from various businesses, Whitsunday Shire Council, DPI’s recreational fishing enhancement program, Tackle shops and the stocked impoundment permit scheme.

By providing a viable freshwater fishery, there will be a reduction in the impact on the saltwater fishery allowing this resource to return to a sustainable level. Businesses, such as tourism & hospitality will benefit from the creation of the freshwater fishery as will the general population. People will visit the area for a better fishing experience. Our Members can devote as much time or as little time as they wish to the activities of The Faust Dam Fish Stocking Assoc.. Meetings are held on the last Wednesday of the month at the Proserpine Ex-services club at 7.00pm.
Everyone welcome.

Some of the activities you can become involved in are:
Catching of brood stock (fishing), Fish stocking surveys in our waterways, Releasing fingerlings, Displays at Expo's, Fish stocking conferences, Fish rescues. It must be noted as this is a volunteer organization, expenses incurred in travel & at conferences is your responsibility.


The Faust Dam Fish Stocking Association Inc. meet on the Last Wednesday of the month (excluding December) at the Proserpine Ex-Services Club (RSL) at 7.00pm.

New and old members are most welcome to attend.